CAMPAIGN ENDED 31st August 2021 

And the winners are.....


Take home the Gold Medal and win the Batu Seremban Olympics! 

WHY? Because MERDEKA is now celebrated at home with loved-ones!


Ditch the digital games, and make this the new hobby to play with your family members since everyone is stuck at home! Challenge more friends to take on the game and play virtually or LIVE! and beat each other best track records!

This coming Merdeka, KTJ would like to invite all MALAYSIAN for an event of togetherness and unity, in the effort to curb the pandemic, by staying at home and having fun bonding with your families.


Attention all! ✨🇲🇾 KTJ proudly presents Toss & Win contest! Stand a chance to win our MEGA BATU Seremban and a whopping cash price with KTJ Care Kit on top of all exciting prizes!

All you have to do is record yourself playing Batu Seremban from Batu 1 until Batu 5, and send the video to us at or tag KTJ/Royale Culture on your IG Story. (*ensure that your account is public for us to view the video) ✨😉

The best time recorded finishing Batu 1 until Batu 5, will be on live ranks, updated every time new entries come in! 😎 Use any kind of Batu Seremban from regular pebbles, cute marbles, or KTJ very own Batu Seremban and you're good to go!

Let's relive the glory of our Batu Seremban! 💖💪Winners will be announced on 31st August 2021. Don't forget to follow us on this page to show your support to small and growing social enterprises. 🦋✨🥰

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STEP 1 : Use any kind of Batu Seremban to play! From regular pebbles, cute marbles, or even dodols! 

STEP 2 : Watch this YouTube link that we found! At full speed, play from Batu 1 to Batu 5!

STEP 3 : Don't forget to record your game! Please read the ground rules before recording!

STEP 4 :  Tag us at our Instagram @komunititukangjahit and @royaleculture or simply email us your video.

STEP 5 : Keep watch on the Live Ranks! If someone is catching up, quickly challenge their time! Record & send us the new video!

#WarisanMerdeka #TossandWin #BatuSeremban #KTJgotGifts #KTJwithLove #KTJPrihatin

A MEGA Batu Seremban to be WON!

Komuniti Tukang Jahit is known to create crazy MEGA novelties! And this time - IT'S A MEGA BATU SEREMBAN SET!

Win this limited edition set made for the GOLD MEDALIST of the BATU SEREMBAN OLYMPIC CHALLENGE!


Terms & Conditions of the The Batu Seremban Toss & Win Challenge 

1.  Choose any 5-pieces set of stones, marbles, or anything convenient.

2. Record yourself to play from Batu 1 (Stage 1) until Batu 5 (Stage 5). A tutorial video link is provided for you to sharpen your skill before recording.

3. Some ground rules of recording and playing includes:
3a) Ensure the frame of the video covers your tossing so we know you don't cheat while tossing.
3b) While grabbing each piece in every stage, you are not allowed to touch the other piece on the floor/table.
3c) Use only one hand to toss, (not specifically right or left hand) and you are allowed to collect the already tossed pieces on your other free hand.

4. Finish the 5 stages in one go, and share the video simply by tagging us on IG/FB @komunititukangjahit or @royaleculture (IG only).

5. Please ensure your account is set to public for us to be able to watch and evaluate your entries.

6. One user can send a new entry (video) if they wish to beat the LIVE RANKING.

7. LIVE ranking will be updated every time a new entry comes in.

8. Share the news of this enjoyable contest with your friends and family, or challenge them to beat your BEST record!

Here's a quick recap!

Please follow the next steps to complete the video submission!


Use any kind of Batu Seremban from regular pebbles, cute marbles, or KTJ very own Batu Seremban and you're good to go!


Watch this YouTube link that we found! It shows how to play Peringkat Batu 1 to Batu 5! Don't forget to record the game in your phone. 


That's it! Now just submit the video to us by tagging us on IG/FB @komunititukangjahit or @royaleculture. Or simply email it to us at