The Story

Komuniti Tukang Jahit (KTJ) is a Malaysian social enterprise that focuses on empowering women through sewing. The organization provides training, resources, and support to women, particularly those from marginalized backgrounds, to learn the craft of sewing and turn it into a source of income. KTJ's approach goes beyond just teaching sewing skills; it also emphasizes entrepreneurship, financial literacy, and community building.


One of KTJ's notable initiatives is its emphasis on sustainability and upcycling. By promoting the reuse of materials and teaching upcycling techniques, KTJ not only contributes to environmental conservation but also provides women with additional income opportunities.


  • Upcycling: We transform discarded materials into new products, reducing waste.
  • Eco-friendly materials: We use organic fabrics and recycled materials to minimize environmental impact.
  • Ethical production: Our products are made in fair and safe conditions, supporting workers' rights.
  • Long-lasting design: We create durable items that encourage conscious consumption and reduce the need for replacements.
  • Education: We raise awareness about sustainability to inspire positive change among consumers.

Sustainable Gifts With A Social Impact

This platform was created by Komuniti Tukang Jahit to showcase beautiful handmade & handcrafted pieces brought to you by our very own B40 Women Community of Malaysia. 


Every piece is made with earnest hands, a loving heart and a hope for a better future.

Quality Materials

Materials used are of high quality and sustainably sourced from local artisans.

Social Impact

Every piece made transforms lives & uplifts the B40 women community of Malaysia.