A Social Enterprise Platform by KOMUNITI TUKANG JAHIT

Unique handmade pieces, handcrafted to create positive impact towards the B40 Women Community.

This platform was created to showcase beautiful handmade & handcrafted pieces brought to you by our very own B40 Women Community of Malaysia. Every piece is made with earnest hands, a loving heart and a hope for a better future.


The aim of Royale Culture is to be able to create impact and remain sustainable. Through product sales, we are able to continuously support the community.

Women Empowerment

By giving sewing job opportunities to a community of women, they are now able to earn a sustainable side income and support their family.


Our custom orders are made-to-order and we only purchase what's necessary to reduce waste. We also repurpose fabrics and materials for niche products.

The Feature Highlights

Customizable & Unique

Looking to invent a range of products that are unique - we pride in creating designs that are never-before-seen! And because they are all HANDMADE - no two are alike! 

Artisan Empowerment

Not only do we want to empower a community of women - however we look to empowering the community of traditional artisans as well. This way, the craft is kept alive & craftsmanship is cherished.


We want our products to not only look good, but to be functional as well! It's great how pretty things have a daily-purpose!

Contemporary Designs

We tend to blend traditional designs with contemporary touches. Here to promote Malaysian Culture and Traditions, this is exactly what Royale Culture stands for!

Tailored products upon request

Can i order and customize my own products?

YES! We welcome anyone who is interested in creating or ordering products in bulk. The reason for this is because - the more orders we receive, the more job opportunity is available for the beneficiaries of the community. Furthermore, fret not about quality or standards. One thing that RC prides in,  is the quality finishing of every piece! Regardless of the stigma that handmade means less, we always aim to make them BETTER than factory-made!

What is the minimum order quantity for customized products?

The minimum order quantity (MOQ) for customized products is a 100 pieces. The process flow includes the designing of your products, research & development of the final design and the sewing-training course that is to be taught to the tailors. 

Can I add my logo on the products?

YES! This is what makes Royale Culture & Komuniti Tukang Jahit special. Treat us like a "Neigbourhood-Gift-Manufacturing Hub" - where anything sewable is possible. And what's best is; you get to be involved in every step, up until the final product is completed. So, if you're looking for customize corporate gifts, wedding gifts, birthday gifts, or even just planning to start your own business selling fabric-items - then you've come to the right place.