Looking for a special Merdeka Gift this year? Relish a box of lovely local delights freshly made by NYA & beautifully wrapped in a handsewn Furoshiki wrap made by KTJ women community.

Sustainable Packaging

Furoshiki Batik Wrap is made with batik fabrics that are meant to be reused, again and again! By gifting this gift-box. Users may reuse the furoshiki for food packing in the future - reducing plastic or paper waste.

B40 Women Empowerment

All handmade items from Royale Culture are made by B40 women of Malaysia! Just by purchasing from this website, you would be directly impacting the B40 Women tailors community of Malaysia.

Embracing Malaysian Cultures

The collaboration with Nya is an exciting one because this is the first time KTJ is collaborating with a Nyonya Kuih food company. This year, we wanted to embrace all colours and cultures of Malaysia.

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