RC & KTJ's Campaigns

The Batu Seremban Olympics! 

CAMPAIGN ENDED (31st August 2021)


Ditch the digital games, and make this the new hobby to play with your family members since everyone is stuck at home! Challenge more friends to take on the game and play virtually or LIVE! and beat each other best track records!

This coming Merdeka, KTJ would like to invite all MALAYSIAN for an event of togetherness and unity, in the effort to curb the pandemic, by staying at home and having fun bonding with your families.

The Girl with The Tiffin by Tengku Zatashah

CAMPAIGN ENDED (31st July 2021)


Starting off July with a new aims, new goals, and new products. In conjunction of Plastic Free July, KTJ presents, The Girl with The Tiffin.

Inspired by the remarkable story of the girl with the tiffin, aiming to spread awareness of the single-use plastic to the environment, our beloved Tengku @zatashah is one woman with a force to be reckoned with.