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EcoEmpower Bundle | Fragrance of Peace Oililin Candle 3 in 1 Set


Batik Travel Pouch Set paired with matching Batik Satin Padded Eye-mask.

3 Scented Candles made from used cooking oil by Oililin
(4 scents to select from, Selection will be made by random unless stated at Checkout)

    Introducing the EcoEmpower Bundle

    A thoughtfully curated collection of products that combines the power of social enterprises with a commitment to environmental sustainability. This bundle is not only a celebration of craftsmanship but also a catalyst for positive change.

    Inside the EcoEmpower Bundle, you’ll discover an array of carefully selected items, each with a unique story of empowerment and environmental consciousness. Our very own KTJ Empower Pair, the Empower Pouches, and Empower Eye-Mask are handcrafted by talented underprivileged women, providing them with a sustainable livelihood and a chance to showcase their skills. The items are not just stylish and versatile, but they represent a journey of resilience and hope.

    A shoutout to OiLilin. They recycle used cooking oil from going to waste and turn it into an environment-friendly scented candle. Whenever you dispose of your used cooking oil in the sewer system, they do not just clog the drainage pipes, but also severely contaminate surface water and lead its way to the land. On the water’s surface, oil forms an impermeable layer preventing the flow of oxygen, which flora and fauna desperately need. This innovative creation breathes new life into discarded oil, transforming it into a beautifully crafted and aromatic candle. Each flickering flame is a reminder of the power of creativity and resourcefulness, making a statement against waste and pollution.

    With the EcoEmpower Bundle, you are not just purchasing a collection of products; you are making a conscious choice to support social enterprises and create a lasting impact on the environment. Every purchase directly empowers underprivileged women, reduces waste, and promotes sustainable practices.

    Join us in our mission to promote social and environmental change. Choose the EcoEmpower Bundle and embrace the power of positive transformation today.


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