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Handsewn Batik Batu Seremban Set


Enjoy our little tribute to tradition with vibrant and dashing batik prints – in a variety of colors!

Each of our Handsewn Batu Seremban sets includes:

  • 5x Vibrant Baik Printed Batu Seremban
  • 1x Matching Convenient Pouch

All products made by Royale Culture (by KTJ) are handsewn by the loving hands of the B40 women community of Malaysia and each purchase will contribute in supporting the women and their families sewing these items.

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Permainan Tradisional – Batu Seremban

KOMUNITI TUKANG JAHIT would like to take you on a journey back to the old times when traditional games used to win the hearts of all Malaysians – with the iconic Batu Seremban!

The Batu Seremban (also known as Selambut in the north and east coast of the Peninsular) is a popular traditional game mainly played by the Malay community. Traditionally played with fruits, rubber seeds, pebble stones or any other small objects – typically in fives. Over the years, it evolved into cloth bags sewn and filled with saga seeds, mung beans, sand, etc.

What made it popular was it can be played anywhere and at any time – it can also be played individually or socially in a groups of two to five people.

Enjoy our little tribute to tradition with vibrant and dashing batik prints – in a variety of colors – filled with Mung Beans/Green Beans which comes with a matching pouch bag for convenience.

Perfect for: introducing traditional games to the younger generation, a nostalgic gift for your girlfriends, or simply for your own enjoyment

How to play Batu Seremban?

Here’s a handy tutorial video on how to play Batu Seremban (courtesy of Leadernomics)

Mana nak beli batu seremban/Dimana jual batu seremban?

This is a question we often get, especially after our we brought it along to engagement events with our corporate clients in 2022.  Since people were asking for it and we didn’t know where to get it either – we decided to just make it ourselves!

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