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The best thing is life is when you've impacted someone else's.

Royale Culture is a brand-child of an accredited Social Enterprise called Komuniti Tukang Jahit (KTJ), also known as Tailors Community of Malaysia.

KTJ empowers a community consisting of single women, single mothers, the OKU group, and stay-at-home mothers with the working opportunity to earn a sustainable income through sewing orders; and all within the comfort of their own home.

Product Benefits Section

Each purchase supports a women in need.

All products is handcrafted and handsewn by a women of the B40 community. The B40 community entails the lowest income group of Malaysia, consisting of 40% of the population. Through this platform, these women are able to earn a sustainable side income.

Products are made with high quality materials and fabrics.

Our items are all manufactured in-house. Which means each and every product undergoes strict quality-checks. Making sure that the products you receive are of the best quality that we can provide. 

Corporates can place customized orders, whilst creating job opportunities.

Royale Culture is the brand-child of Komuniti Tukang Jahit (KTJ), an accredited Social Enterprise of Malaysia. Having support from corporations will help, not just a small handful of tailors, however it provide jobs for a whole tailor community.

Empowering Artisans of Malaysia

Royale Culture aims to empower and uphold tradition and culture. The very meaning of it's own brand name - "ROYALE" & "CULTURE" brings about our efforts in uplifting the craft industry including artisans of traditional art. Our product range includes fabrics that are made using traditional hand-blockprinting Batik technique.

Items should be made with love, quality and impact.”

moving on with artisan empowerment!

BREAKING NEWS! Royale Culture is moving ahead and empowering artisans in the Batik industry. Throughout it's product developments, 100% of our items were handmade by B40 women tailors; however this time - we are introducing a product range made with 100% authentic traditional hand-blockprinted Batik. 

What Others Say


We've ordered 175 pieces of handmade pouches from KTJ for an  event with all the CEO's of GLC's.  With the good quality of fabric used and the selected vibrant colours that portrays Malaysia at-its-best, it was definitely a good choice for an important event like this especially since KTJ is an accredited Social enterprise that impacts the B40 community. We are glad to that the receivers of this gifts have felt the impact as well

Nurul Shaheera Latif 

 Program Coordinator | MaGIC Cyberjaya


Upon presenting the premium handsewn neck-tie to the Crown Prince of Selangor, he was extremely shocked that it was made by a stay-at-home mom! As a VVIP gift during SAY's event, it certainly started many conversations and I truly believe that its the impact created through KTJ, that makes the products more valuable.

Dr. Mohd Zulikhwan bin Ayub

SAY Youth Community


First fell in love with the designs, then found out about the notion behind KTJ from my friend who purchased her masks from you. Then after that, fell in love with the price as it's reasonable and affordable!

Karen Wong

Instagram Buyer

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SHOP! Have fun and explore what we have to offer. If you like them, please share them with your friends and family! And if you're a company looking to work with a community like ours, please reach out to us. We would be happy to explore various outreach programs.

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Enquiries | info@ktjmalaysia.com (B2B or Collaborations)
Helpline | info@royaleculture.com (Retail or Customer Service)


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Meet the Team

We are a small and humble team working with beneficiaries from communities all around Klang Valley, Malaysia. In 2018, when we just started, we had no clue we were we even categorized as a Social Enterprise - ideally, we just knew that we wanted to fill a gap and help these ladies earn a sustainable income to help the family. Fast forward today - we are glad to say that we've helped more than 60 underprivileged women and families and to earn a sustainable income through the making of handsewn products. With that said, KTJ and Royale Culture is greatly appreciative of all the support given by partners and customers - because without them, we wouldn't have been able to support these ladies.